WORLD DOG SHOW 2010, Herning Denmark, BEST IN SHOW-1 Progeny group!!!!!

Kennel Element of Desire – writing history at WDS 2010 BEST IN SHOW – Progeny group(day3) This magic day Tlacatl also represented my breed in Progeny group final together with his sons Nezaulcoyotl Element of Desire, Xibalbas Omito and Xibalbas Oltia. ivermectin worms killed Judge Luis Pinto Teixeira, and he placed us BEST IN SHOW!!! Thank you Lisbeth, Maria and KLara for making this success possible. guinea pig not improving after two ivermectin We are a great team together! Thank you Göran, Köysti, Johan, Ove and Michael for all your help and support at the final. And thank you all Xolo-people and public at the final for all your support, warm words and congrats! cat mange treatment ivermectin