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Puppies Ixtlahuacan – Xibalba´s Poyahuac

The puppies where born 1 January 2014. 3 coated females, 1 naked male and 3 naked females. If interested please contact me! شركة المراهنات bwin

Puppies 5 weeks Nezaualcoyotl EoD-Ixtlahuacan

Enya EoD & Tlacatl

Puppies are growing – now 4,5 weeks old Today they where outside playing in the sun for the very first time. They loved it! 5 PUPPIES from Enya EoD-Tlacatl born 13 mars 2012 Now they are 3 weeks and they are 2 coated females, 2 coated males and 1 naked female. The caoted ones have […]